WhatsApp to finally make this big change to its app? Here’s what report claims


WhatsApp may be looking to make this big change

WhatsApp has begun implementing advertisements on its app that is not visible to the users yet, a new report has claimed. In the light of the recent rumours over the Facebook-owned company moving ahead with a new revenue policy, a report by WABetaInfo says that the advertisements on WhatsApp will arrive in the version 2.18.305. While it says that advertisements are not visible to the users but they ‘will be’ activated in future.

The addition of advertisements on WhatsApp has been a headlining news for quite a while. First reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing WhatsApp officials, the advertisements will open a new revenue stream for the company. It also said that the advertisements will be served to the users within the Status feature, much like the advertisements Instagram users see while navigating through the Stories of their contacts. The advertisements will be ingested into WhatsApp Status.

We were able to independently verify that WhatsApp beta for Android version 2.18.305 does not show the advertisements as of now. However, the ads will be activated in future, as per the report.

The report claiming the development on the aforementioned front comes after WABetaInfo said that WhatsApp is already working on implementing the ads into Status, however, the app version remained unknown back then. Facebook’s plans to introduce advertising to the popular chat app seem likely to go against the terms of service it updated after acquiring WhatsApp back in 2014. The WhatsApp’s terms of service clearly mentioned that the users can “still count on absolutely no ads interrupting your communication.”

The Facebook-owned app has not officially confirmed anything on when the advertisements will start rolling out to the users. However, the company officials have already nodded to the existence of advertisements on WhatsApp.

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