Ensono takes over Wipro’s hosted data services


Apart from Wipro, Ensono also works with Infosys and Sungard.

After acquiring Wipro’s Hosted Data Centre Services business in US, Europe and Singapore, US-based Ensono has now completed its acquisition of the company’s Indian assets. It has also moved into its own facility with its headquarters in Pune.

“Enson acquired Wipro’s business from for $405 million. Post this acquisition, the company has invested millions of dollars more on the new facility and will continue to invest on resources over the next two to three yeas,” Jeff VonDeylen, CEO of Ensono said.

According to the deal signed with Ensono, Wipro has also committed a business of $90 million to Ensono for the next three years, VonDeylen said. “The understanding between the two companies would continue and Wipro will be carrying out sales for the infrastructure business and outsource it to Ensono,” VonDeylen said.

Apart from Wipro, Ensono also works with Infosys and Sungard.

A part of team operating out of Wipro office moved into Ensono’s new office from October 1. The rest will move out in the next 30 days. Pune will be the HQ of Ensono with additional facilities in Chennai and Bengaluru. The company expects headcount to grow in India by 15% every year over the next couple of years. The company looks to support more clients in US and Europe and be a global support from India.

For first few year, US and Europe will be the exclusive focus.

“With this acquisition, we have more than doubled our revenues from $200 million to $ 555 million and will end this year at $570 million as the sector is growing at 10% to 15% a year,” VonDeylen, said.

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